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Jasbina Ahluwalia – Expert

That’s boring. Go on an adventure. Silberberg, who wears glitter on her face to meetings and uses words like “rad” and “chill,” is not what I pictured when I arranged to meet with a matchmaker.

Premier Matchmaking Firm For Singles In The US, Canada & The UK. Matchmaker and Dating Coach Jasbina Ahluwali of Intersections Match is an Indian.

Flora Brahmbhatt is single and actively looking to meet someone, similar to many young women. But while the year-old’s searching for a mate, she’s also scouting the field for others. The singles market in the United States has grown considerably from previous generations. The number of unmarried men increased from 33 percent to 47 percent of the population from to , according to the U.

Census Bureau. The proportion of single women expanded from 38 percent to 51 percent during the same year period. Brahmbhatt is a pharmacist in Milpitas, Calif. Brahmbhatt met with Ahluwalia, about two years ago for a personal consultation and dating advice but was quickly recruited by Ahluwalia to network for Intersections. As a scout, she attends social events, cocktail parties and alumni happy hours, sometimes looking for specific criteria in a man or woman, but sometimes to simply spread the word about the business, which has grown steadily since it was started in Over In recent months, the Intersections Web site has seen more than a percent increase in hits.

Brahmbhatt was once told to search for a man who had all of his hair or was completely bald — nothing in between; no receding hairline. Recently, she attended the Network of Indian Professionals event “Work it Wednesdays,” business card exchange, which, she said, is really just a front for singles to meet each other. And that’s where Jasbina comes in.

Jasbina Intersections Matchmaking

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Pricing – Premier Personalized Matchmaking, Dating Coaching & Online Dating Support Firm –> For Indian Singles in the US, Canada & the UK.

Parents of eligible adults are hardly restrained in voicing their anxieties about their children remaining single into their late twenties, thirties, and beyond. As to the single adults themselves, many may be putting up a nonchalant front, but nevertheless appear to be concerned. Some are not. A genuine acceptance of the single life, as a matter of choice, is also on the rise in the mainstream. And this tends to sit at odds with the social and cultural norms of the Indian community, where marriage is an ingrained institution.

Not surprisingly, an environment of tension is often the backdrop in many families where old-world expectations are clashing with contemporary outlooks. Purvi Patel, 29, from Lawrenceville, Georgia, exemplifies these dynamics when she talks about how dejected she was as she left yet another matrimonial convention in With most of her friends married, and familial and social pressures mounting, Patel had started to feel the void of the companion she was so keenly looking for.

If it were just the seemingly gravitational push of marriage upon the new generations of Indian Americans, that would be a story by itself. This is evident in painstaking detail in the book Marrying Anita, where author Anita Jain narrates her exhaustive and maddeningly frustrating quest to find her soul mate, which eventually leads her to New Delhi.

Professional matchmakers gain in popularity

An Indian-American attorney turned entrepreneur, Ahluwalia is a relationship expert, matchmaker and dating coach. Pioneering a unique approach to matchmaking, which blends the best of the East and West, Ahluwalia adds a valuable contribution to the matchmaking industry. I am so looking forward to see what this session brings. Madan said this session is for everyone from a teenager who has just begun exploring relationships to happily married couples and from to divorcees and widowed—anyone looking for a meaningful relationship and how to find it.

Through her blended approach of Eastern and Western practices, Ahluwalia will show attendees how to succeed in finding love, wherever they are.

Jasbina Ahluwalia – Relationship expert, radio show host and matchmaker & dating coach at Intersections Match, the only National Matchmaking & Dating.

As a second-generation professional Indian-American raised in the US, Jasbina Ahluwalia had an understanding of the successful blending of the Indian and American cultures, and of the need for someone in the South Asian community who could identify, face and deal with the challenges posed by professional, social, and personal lives. It was this understanding that led to the foundation of Intersections Matchmaking, the first elite, personalised matchmaking firm which focuses on selective South Asian singles in the US.

Prior to becoming a certified matchmaker, Ahluwalia practiced law in San Francisco and Chicago. She later earned her matchmaking certificate from the Matchmaking Institute based in Manhattan. A personal consultation, which lasts for around 1. The firm then starts active search and extends priority status to the client for possible introductions.

On the basis of what I learn, I contemplate if we can offer a proactive search plan. One of the biggest challenges the company still faces is to educate the South Asian community that spending on finding a right partner is an investment far more profitable than spending on arranging lavish engagement and wedding ceremonies. Finding a life partner is an issue, especially among the young professionals from South Asian backgrounds, whose cultures discourage early dating. As for the seed capital, Ahluwalia had it arranged from her own pockets.

She believe that if one wishes to embark on an entrepreneurial venture, one must have their finances in shape since only that can assure services or products of the highest quality. Besides, who would want the delivery of their service or products to get delayed because of financial crisis? The fact that the company procured a fairly good growth even in the initial years of its set up is by far its biggest achievement. For Ahluwalia, her work has been her passion; not even for once did she think of giving up her entrepreneurial venture.

Intersections Match Talk Radio – Jasbina’s Lifestyle Show

Markets Media recently had an up, close and personal with Jasbina Ahluwalia , founder of Intersections Match by Jasbina who shared her perspective on matchmaking and more! As a former practicing lawyer holding a graduate degree in philosophy, Jasbina can relate first-hand to the demands and challenges facing her accomplished clients. Having found her special someone, Jasbina can also relate first-hand to the challenge of juggling professional, social, and personal demands. As a second-generation Indian-American, Jasbina has a unique understanding of the successful blending of Indian and American cultures.

Jasbina Ahluwalia got a master’s degree in philosophy, went to law So Ahluwalia stepped in with her Intersections Matchmaking agency.

Based on criteria they provide, clients are matched with ostensibly compatible dates, but they soon find that the goal of marriage is more difficult to attain that they had hoped — even with a matchmaker who consults biological data profiles, astrologers and face readers. Listen Listening Does the addictively bingeable series provide an accurate look at the process of arranged marriage for Indians and Indian Americans in ?

Indians Are Not A Monolith. Indians living in India approach marriage and dating differently than Indians living in the U. And Indians who have emigrated to the U. The point is: there is no unilateral approach. Manisha Dass also notes the diversity. There’s major differences in how people think about dating in the generations before me and definitely location as well. Caste And Color Still Matter. Income, education, profession, region, religion, parentage and skin color can all be deterrents when it comes to finding a suitable match.

People will say, like: Oh no, you don’t fit one caste or the other.

[VIDEO] Intersections Match by Jasbina – Process

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Ahluwalia is the founder of Intersections Match, a service that helps desis find and meet Jasbina Ahlualiwa (Courtesy of LinkedIn) offer two main avenues of service for their clients: matchmaking, and online dating support.

Pricing: Customized Dating and Relationship Coaching The price of relationship coaching plans varies according to the number of coaching sessions. Pricing: Customized Register for Free Our discerning and distinguished clientele retain our services to search far and wide for exceptional matches. There is no cost associated with the Register-for-Free Database. Your information is kept confidential and accessed only by Intersections staff, if and when a database registrant appears to potentially meet the search criteria of a Customized Search Plan client.

We do not conduct any searches for Register-for-Free Database registrants. Facebook Facebook. Get Started. Pricing Options. August 20, When I first started working with Jasbina I had practically no dating experience. I had lived my life up until that point thinking that finding a life partner is something that would not take any effort — that it is something that would just happen. After hearing that, I contacted Jasbina myself.

Jasbina on dating

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