Cato and Glimmer?!!!

The movie wisely, we thought omits any voice-over narration, leaving the emoting to Jennifer Lawrence, and, for the most part, she handles it beautifully. Which maybe she was, a little, but still! Though he sobers up later on in the book when he realizes Peeta and Katniss might actually have a chance at winning, he remains an incorrigible asshole to Katniss. Katniss recognizes her because she was also in the forest outside District 12 when the girl was captured, and she feels guilty that she did nothing to help. None of this is in the movie. Eating: Long sections of the book are devoted to Katniss wolfing down the incredibly rich Capitol food, since she and the rest of her family and District have been starving their entire lives.

Are cato and glimmer dating in real life

March 25, To get the boring stuff out of the way first: The Huger Games is a good movie. Tense, fast-paced, and riveting, its nearly two and a half hour running time passes effortlessly and with a white-knuckle intensity that leaves one feeling almost breathless when the credits roll. Jennifer Lawrence is excellent as Katniss Everdeen, the girl forced to compete for her life in a gladiatorial contest with twenty three other children, including one who is in love with her, crafting a character who is both heroic and overwhelmed, savvy and naive.

A strong cast, with standout performances from Woody Harrelson as Katniss’s alcoholic mentor Haymitch and Elizabeth Banks as the vapid but strangely affectionate capitol representative Effie, help to bring that world to life. It is, in short, an excellent evening’s entertainment.

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The two begin as friends but it becomes more complicated as time goes on as it becomes increasingly apparent that Gale has feelings for Katniss. He eventually admits to loving her and the two even share a few kisses, but in the end, Katniss winds up with Peeta because she can’t get past the idea that Gale may have inadvertently caused Prim’s death. Even though the main love interest for Gale was Katniss, it’s possible that he could have wound up dating someone else from the series.

The following list details some of the choices. The majority of fans have a preference between one pairing or the other but what if Katniss wasn’t in the equation? In that case, it’s possible that Peeta and Gale could have been together. They certainly have a vocal fandom. Lots of people like them specifically because Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson have an adorable height difference and also seemed to be great friends in real life.

But Peeta’s sweet nature would have been a nice change of pace for Gale’s gruffness. It’s a shame we never got to see Gale and Johanna bond. Johanna’s fiery personality would likely have been super appealing to Gale. While she was very different from Katniss, it’s likely they would have a little friction between them that could have manifested as bickering. Lots of people love the whole enemies-to-lovers thing and there’s a good chance that would have been the case with Gale and Johanna.

The Untold Story of Cato and Clove – Chapter 12

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I don’t think that Cato and clove were together in the books. reply | flag * Actually, in real life, the actors that played Cato and Glimmer are dating. They were.

That was one of the things that disappointed me about the movie. I really wish that the relationship between clove and Cato had been showcased. I am dying. I am looking at all these plot twist and crying. Other reasons too but : hate them!!! The Capitol of Panem is a technologically advanced, utopian city where the nation’s most wealthy and powerful citizens live. The Capitol is also the colloquial name for the ruling government of Panem.

As the seat of power in Panem, the nation’s thirteen districts twelve after The Dark Days are This is SOO true But I’m still Clato all the way!!!! Submit something funny, something sweet, something interesting, to, from, or about any member of the cast or character in the books! My Personal Blog hit counter This counter was started April 22,

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The following is a list of characters in The Hunger Games trilogy , a series of young adult science fiction novels by Suzanne Collins that were later adapted into a series of four feature films. The actors who portray these characters are given in List of The Hunger Games cast members. Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist and narrator of the series. She is 16 years old at the beginning of the first book and is quiet, independent, and fierce.

She has long dark hair, olive skin, and gray eyes, which are given as a characteristic of residents of the coal mining region of District 12 known as “the Seam”. Her father’s death in a mining accident several years ago left her mother deeply depressed, forcing Katniss to become the mother figure and to use the hunting skills taught by her father to feed the family.

Read INSPIRACIÓN PARTE 2 from the story COSAS DE LECTORES by AniSopa15 with reads. comedia, memes, lectores. POSIBLES SPOILERS.

Glimmer was the female tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games. Along with her district partner, Marvel , she was a member of the ” Career pack” who banded together to hunt down the weaker competitors. She was indirectly killed by Katniss Everdeen , who dropped a nest of tracker jackers on the Career pack as they slept. Glimmer was born in District 1, one of the wealthiest districts, and one that is known for producing Career tributes.

She presumably spent most of her life training for the games and due to this, she most likely volunteered for the 74th Hunger Games. During the Tribute Parade , Glimmer, along with her district partner Marvel, were spray painted silver and wore tunics. However, in the film, they were dressed in fuchsia outfits covered in shiny sequins and feathers, representing their district’s main export, luxury goods. The gemstone of the ring she brought, when twisted, revealed a poisoned spike.

She didn’t get arrested because nobody could prove she had knowledge of the ring being a weapon , but her token was confiscated nonetheless. Glimmer was not to be underestimated.

The Untold Story of Cato and Clove – Chapter 12

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I believe love, genuine love, almost always takes time to develop, and is only Cato and Clove are experiencing trauma together, just as Katniss and Peeta are. still made something out of her life (9 to 5 job, nice house, her own family etc.)?​.

A video of H. So, what’s the real deal behind the mini makeout sesh, and could we possibly be watching our first offscreen tributes get it on? While there’s no doubt it is indeed Leven and Alexander swapping spit, a source close to the costars insists “they are just party pals. A rep for Leven agreed, telling us “they are not dating, they are friends. Dayo [ Okeniyi ] who plays badass tribute Thresh hangs with them a lot as well,” our H.

They both like to go out and definitely enjoy having a good time,” our tribute-savvy source revealed. But this certainly isn’t the first time Alex has been spotted getting his party on. Remember, we first told you the breakout star has been hanging with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and has quickly become a strong admirer of the Hollywood nightlife scene. No harm in a little Tinsel Town fun, right?

Especially since Leven’s rep slammed reports the makeout sesh went down while Lev was still dating ex-BF Geoff Clark :. So, there’s no cheating scandal but there are definitely some off-set antics going down. But whatevs, they’re hot, they’re young and they’re part of the biggest movie ever. Could this finally be The Hunger Games romance we’ve been waiting for?! Not so fast.

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